365 days of fun – we are ONE !

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Today a year ago, after a month of heavy pregnancy (from FOYeur) and hard labor (from Paula), this site went live. We have had 365 days of fun and laughter.


Some days with less laughter and others with more naughty….. 😛 – but it has never been boring (notfor us in any case).  We always aimed to post something from everything Alex has done, and that has happened. We know the blog is heavy with Steve (we are not calling him fat! 😯 ), but with Hawaii Five-0, S4 starting soon, there is more of Steve to come…mcfun

Mick always keeps our interest, but with only 16 episodes, well…sometimes we need to let Mick rest for a while. But he will never leave us for too long. ♥


Alex´searly career had so much variety and we do hope…

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Alex O’Loughlin: Fans vs fakes

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

For me being a fan of something, is about having fun and finding the things that you like about your subject, to share with others and to embracing  it. We therefore do not really like to talk about the bad stuff here often …. But for me it is important to stay as close to the truth as possible and to keep it real …….

It is really great news that Alex’s official Facebook page got verified a while ago. Now we all know that it is real and connected to him. At least we also now know that if there is anything posted on it, that it must be something coming from him. Although I still doubt if he will ever post anything personally on there.  This Alex’s account: Alex O’Loughlin

Hawaii Five-0 Alex – Season 1 Promo – Face used in a manip

There sometimes seems to be confusion out…

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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – 3½ weeks in review (18 Dec – 10 Jan ’17)

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

At last we got through all the eating and family gatherings during Christmas and the holidays. And of course we kissed the old year goodbye ….. All this while things were really quiet here in our Alex O’Loughlin world of fangirling. I think it is the first time in all these years that there were no “fresh” news or pictures of Alex during this period. 😦

But at least we know Alex is back on the set and he is looking as good as ever (if not better), doing his thing as Steve McGarrett. My guess would be that he had a good relaxing time with his family and friends during the hiatus, and that is just as great as no news.

Thank you to those who have posted some pictures and also to those how found some old ones. Please (Sadie, Titine, BeeM and the others

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#H50 7.12 – #SteveMcGarrett´s day at work

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alright, we got Steve back for 2017. Can´t say I was surprised to see Chin´s rescue being over in a flash. Steve is a super hero after all 😉 I almost liked best the scene with Grover and Bob 😀 That was fun to watch. But I also like how they are writing Max leaving the series, how Steve saw it coming and told him they would have him back if he should want to.

Of course Alex looked gorgeous throughout the episode, yummy, but I think I finally found an outfit that even he couldn´t pull off. That awful blue rubber overall. Yuck. Please, wardrobe, do not keep that one for the future. Thanks.

Anyway, this is my shortish gifcap of the epi, it was a bit hard for gifs, but hopefully managed to capture some yummies 😀














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#AlexOloughlin star of #H50

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Star of Hawaii Five-O – Who would have predicted a former plumber’s apprentice from Canberra with a CV consisting of flops, misfires and obscure cult hits would be handed the lead role in the biggest American TV show of 2011? Alex O’Loughlin’s ship has finally come in – packed to the gunwhales with colourful villains, wisecracking cops and bikini-clad femme fatales. –GQ 2011


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