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Pic for the day – Fit for health

Pic for the day – Fit for health.

Aussie hunk Alex O’Loughlin cops it sweet in Hawaii – January 2011


Sometimes I think the show should get back to the way it was on the first season lol

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Alex living like a Lord (Driving boy toy bonus)

by Holly Byrnes

in Herald Sun & Northern Territory News24

19 & 24 January 2011


 YOU can tell a lot about a man by the car he drives. Take, for instance, Alex O’Loughlin, Australia’s latest leading-man export and the star of the new Hawaii Five-O. Not so long ago this NIDA graduate, by his own admission, was limping around Los Angeles in a “piece of shit car“, hocking his stereo and working for $15 an hour to pay his rent.

Cut to Waikiki’s hottest hotel The Edition, where O’Loughlin is sitting pretty (thank you, work gods) flashing a set of perfectly veneered teeth you’d expect from Central Casting Dentistry. “I’m driving a pretty nice car now and they pay me well,” he smiles, with just the right amount of Aussie humility. “Life’s great and perseverance pays off.”

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H50 5.19 – Steve´s shave took forever


Wow really scary

Originally posted on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study:

Pretty cool episode with lots of action. Really liking Odell now, and why can´t you recycle bulletts? ;)

Wonder if Steve will ever get any more relaxing shaves at Odell´s, after this much action :) He might change to that shop with quick 15 minutes, in and out, next time.

Steve cleaned up nice. Not bad, at all :)


And it really is this big ;)


Looking pretty…scared:)


Tight pants, hugging his thighs

Hurray for Odell!



The End :(


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cats wow

we love àlex

I love alex but keep the crap away please go to fb. And like façesofalex

Alex got kitty competition! Again.

Alex got kitty competition! Again..

New pics of #AlexOLoughlin shared by @brucebucky | Alex O’Loughlin World Wide


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