On working with fellow Aussie Alex O’Loughlin

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

It looks like Claire might once again be around on the Hawaii Five-0 set, since her character Rachel returned in Episode 524 with some shocking news. Lets hope that that plotline will not be dropped or lost for too long, as have happened to some others in the past. For me Rachel is a big part of who Danny is and with her around his character is more rounded and complete …. 😀

This is an old article where she shared some information about her friendship with Alex….

110 cl 3

Boom Times

with Richard Clune

Sydney Times

2 December 2010

110 bw 1

One of the country’s most exciting talents (and the best name in the business), Claire van der Boom appreciates the position she is in. Back in Australia for a short break before returning to Hawaii to shoot further episodes of network blockbuster Hawaii Five-0, van der Boom said…

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I voice my opinion on Michelle  and I won’t be doing it again because I guess thats forbidden lulu you like her that’s great but don’t get mad at me because I disagreed with you that’s wrong