Have Dinner with Moonlight Star #AlexOLoughlin

Food with alex

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

OK, so that title up there may be a little cruel and misleading to any fans who thought it was a real invitation to have a romantic picnic in the sand with Alex O’Loughlin. (I’ll pause while you visualize … and wipe your drool.)

 But in the Q&A that follows, you can have the next best thing (maybe?):

A cyberdinnertime-chat experience with Alex, who called just moments ago, while chomping down a salad during a five-minute break on set. (Did you hear the one about TV leads being busy?)

More important, as you may have heard, the fans of CBS’ Moonlight are a wee bit … impassioned. And by “wee bit,”I mean they are willing to give their own blood:

They have coordinated a truly heartwarming (see what I did there?) philanthropic campaign to help support the series, via a blood drive with…

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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 167 (Epi 7:24) #PayingItForward

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Bravo! Powerful performances by both Alexand Omid Abtahi

Alex and Omid Abtahi in Three Rivers.

This should most probably have been the season finale, according to original planning …… but we will have to wait and see next week, if they can do better than this.

That is actually all I need to say about this episode …….

 ….. But you know me, I always have more to say.

Of course the whole story is full of plotholes. That is nothing new to the show, we discuss it here every week, but a good story always kind of hides the sins.

And not that it really matters, but without any mention I guess Danny is still sitting next to the coma guy from last week, telling him about his good life in Hawaii.

And that left this episode without the so-called bromance with the senseless bickering and baiting that…

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#H50 7.24 – Steve fighting with kindness

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

First I read all the nice tweets about Alex shining in this episode. And yes, he was given the opportunity to act with subtlety, an he was very good. But then again we knew that he shines, when given some good material to work with. Alex could use more of these moments. So could we 😉

Anyway, my part on the blog is pics, I kinda got carried away with all the beauty today. Oops. Enjoy!

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