Alex O’Loughlin: Moonlight CBS Upfront interview – 2007

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The young starry-eyed Alex O’Loughlin, explaining the story of Moonlight and Mick St John at his first CBS Upfronts in New York in May 2007.


AlexO'Loughlin at CBS Upfront Party - 16 May 2007

Alex: The title of our new show is Moonlight. And it’s a story about a young man from …. from the 40’s. So you know, he is in his late 20’s in the late 40’s. And he falls in love with the wrong woman. And he becomes a vampire.

And so he moves through … through time to present day and we go back and forth through his journeys. We learn more and more about him. And once he gets to a point of acceptance about the powers that he has. What he can do …. when he can do now, he starts to use if for good.


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Alex O’Loughlin: Three Rivers Soundbites

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin – Three Rivers Soundbites.


3 r 2 bw cr

Alex: I play Andy Yablonski, staff surgeon, Cardiothoracic, at Three Rivers hospital, which is a …which is a transplant hospital in Pittsburgh. Some say the best in the world. [Smile]

3 r 2 bw 3

Alex: I am kind the head honcho here … Andy is young for his position. But he was … he was sort of ushered up the ranks by people in higher positions than him, who saw the potential … the great potential of the natural gift that he has in medicine. And he’s like … he’s like a race horse in his field. He kind of has to be held back sometimes and disciplined a bit by his superiors, especially Jordan, who we have Alfre Woodard playing. Who is wonderful. And … but … when they let him go, he goes and does his thing and it’s always … you…

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This is not how any fan should EVER act!

This is his home not ours

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Whenever we as fans start putting our own silly behavior and needs before those of who we admire, that is the time that we should reevaluate our motives. Are we here to adore that person with respect, or disregard them as a private person? Maybe this can be a wake-up call for every one of us, to maybe rethink our own actions when it comes to those celebrities we adore.

Alex’s home is his sanctuary and his children are not in the entertainment business. Unless you are ever invited there by him or his wife, you are intruding on him as a person and violation his children’s lives! That is not what he signed up for, when he chose a career in entertainment.

Alex is one of the most generous celebrities when it comes to his time and space with fans – and there is never anything okay about abusing…

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Alex O’Loughlin on WJZ – Oct 2009

Three rivers

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex with Marty Bass & Don Scott on WJZ in 2009 – Talking about Three Rivers.


3r 7 cl 8

Marty: Last year we had a show called Moonlight. Here it is right there. [Show article about cancellation of Moonlight] And it never went quite anywhere, but the star Alex O’Loughlin really got a lot of great press. You know the vampire thing is pretty big still.

Female reporter: Yeah, it is.

Marty: He got enough press and CBS decided to give him another show. And this is a real interesting hospital type show. It’s about a transplant hospital. And it stars a former vampire. Take it away ….

3r 7 cl 9

Marty: Ladies and gentleman welcome Alex O’Loughlin, Dr Andy Yablonski, to the morning addition. How are you?

Alex: Good morning.

Marty: How’s life today in Los Angeles?

Alex: Life is lovely in Los Angeles. It’s…

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Three Rivers – You Ask They Tell: Alex O’Loughlin 2009

Watch this show its good

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

We are thinking of running themes and focus on a subject every week, for the weeks we still have left during hiatus. Not sure if it will work that way, because we both got kind of busy lately. But let’s try at least.

With all the talk about transplants, I thought it might be a good idea to start with the angelic Dr Andy Yablonski. I know not many like posts about Three Rivers and they are normally some of the lesser shared or liked articles.

It is however important for me to see how enthusiastic Alex was to be part if such a ‘real’ show and a subject like organ donation, that can be of such great value to so many people around the world. He really poured his heart into this one.

Alex O’Loughlin tells us about CBS’s new show ‘Three Rivers’

on ‘You Ask, They Tell’.

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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – three weeks in review (1- 20 May 2016)

That’s all folks until july

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Can you believe it, we are already half way through the Hawaii Five-0 hiatus. Six weeks down, and six more to go. Of course the last few episodes of Hawaii Five-0 helped us to get here, but I am not sure what will carry us further through the next half. It is really great that Alex is enjoying his break and we definitely wish him all the rest and special time with his family that he can get. We understand and respect that sincerely.

I however still hope that there would be some sort of promotion like a photoshoot or a nice hiatus interview with Alex. It has been such a long time since he has done anything like that.

Here is what we gathered for you during the past three weeks.

Life on the Set:

From the set filming Episode 6:25

Stephanie Lum On the set of Hawaii…

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#H50 6.24 & 6.25 – #SteveMcGarrett might need another liver

Omg so great can’t wait until September

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

What a finale. Whew. The ending might have been better with less bickering, but I did find parts of it funny, at least Steve´s lines 😀 He threatened to cut out his liver himself, if Danny´s bitterness comes with it :huhuani:

I liked how they made the plane shooting, and Steve getting hurt, without too much drama. Just him being seriously wounded in silence. And speaking of “silence” the surgery scene with that lovely version of “Stand by You” was brilliant.

Since I decided to try capture moments from both episodes, I had to skip a lot of great stuff. I will make more gifs, when I have the time.

Kevlar yummos (those thighs!) were plentiful in 6.24 hands




Another boo-boo 😦


6.25 drama!


Have a sudden need for a pilot:sbava:



Poor baby *cry*



Surprisingly bouncy…


Feeling better already :heart2:

Season 7 will start with Steve getting a happier liver 


“The End”

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