Alex O’Loughlin: Three Rivers Soundbites

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin – Three Rivers Soundbites.


3 r 2 bw cr

Alex: I play Andy Yablonski, staff surgeon, Cardiothoracic, at Three Rivers hospital, which is a …which is a transplant hospital in Pittsburgh. Some say the best in the world. [Smile]

3 r 2 bw 3

Alex: I am kind the head honcho here … Andy is young for his position. But he was … he was sort of ushered up the ranks by people in higher positions than him, who saw the potential … the great potential of the natural gift that he has in medicine. And he’s like … he’s like a race horse in his field. He kind of has to be held back sometimes and disciplined a bit by his superiors, especially Jordan, who we have Alfre Woodard playing. Who is wonderful. And … but … when they let him go, he goes and does his thing and it’s always … you…

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