Alex O’Loughlin on WJZ – Oct 2009

Three rivers

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex with Marty Bass & Don Scott on WJZ in 2009 – Talking about Three Rivers.


3r 7 cl 8

Marty: Last year we had a show called Moonlight. Here it is right there. [Show article about cancellation of Moonlight] And it never went quite anywhere, but the star Alex O’Loughlin really got a lot of great press. You know the vampire thing is pretty big still.

Female reporter: Yeah, it is.

Marty: He got enough press and CBS decided to give him another show. And this is a real interesting hospital type show. It’s about a transplant hospital. And it stars a former vampire. Take it away ….

3r 7 cl 9

Marty: Ladies and gentleman welcome Alex O’Loughlin, Dr Andy Yablonski, to the morning addition. How are you?

Alex: Good morning.

Marty: How’s life today in Los Angeles?

Alex: Life is lovely in Los Angeles. It’s…

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