Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (2 – 9 April 2016)

Keep the faith

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Unfortunately we have officially arrived at the time of year that we normally dread. The time when news and pictures of Alex are hard to come by. But it can also sometimes be a time of great fun if we do get new pictures from random sources of what ever Alex is keeping himself busy with during his time off.  Let’s hope for some wonderful surprises!

As always thank you to people who posted pictures, new and old, during this past week.

Life on the Set:

mattjlwheelerAlex O #hawaiifive0

Alex on set -

mattjlwheelerAlex O between takes #hawaiifive0 #seasonfinale
Alex between takes
mattjlwheeler  Alex O on set. Final day Season Six #seasonfinale #hawaiifive0 #behindthescenes
From Matt Wheeler - Alex last day on set
lizcon76Alex O’Loughlin #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin filming 30th March Hilton Hawaiian Village
From Lizcon76
lizcon76It was amazing for an Aussie like me to be on holiday and see the filming & actually see Alex!

Joanne KershawTidied up my photos from watching

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