Watch With Kristin: Alex O’Loughlin – September 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

This interview was done on 14 September 2010, the day after the first Sunset On The Beach.

 The “Hawaii Five-O” actor loves the Hawaiian life and doing his own stunts. Plus, Alex reflects on Jennifer Lopez’s “Idol” job.

Listen in!

with Kristin Dos Santos

h50 s1 promo 4

Alex: I’m working and living on an island where the main greeting is ‘Aloha’, which essentially means love, you know. And you really feel it. It sounds kind of cheesy, but you really feel it. It was so amazing. There was 10 000 people there last night and they all loved it. They all watched it and cheered and loved it. So, I don’t care what happens with the show. I mean, I want it to succeed. But I believe in it and I know we’re doing our job. It’s out of my hands now.


Kristin: You’re talking about the stunts. How…

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